Audio / Visual Equipment


Eyecue A/V designs audio systems to maximize sound clarity at every event while eliminating feedback. To accomplish this, we use exclusive design software and state-of-the-art equipment. Not only do we provide the most current sound equipment, we employ the most experienced audio engineers and put them in the hot seat.  This allows us to consistently provide our clients with the highest quality audio delivery on every event. Some of our innovative suppliers include, DiGiCo, Yamaha, L'Acoustics and Meyer.


Eyecue A/V strives to create unique staging environments, providing an immersive experience that will leave the audience breathless. State-of-the-art video equipment for each and every event, coupled with the industry's very best experienced video engineers ensures flawless execution  every show, every time.  Content is king, and our standard is to ensure the presentation is presented with the highest possible quality.  We constantly seek out projector systems with the brightest images, the highest resolution and the most vibrant color possible.  Then, we add our particular magic, the part that made our reputation as among the finest producers in the country.


Intelligent lighting is the trademark of Eyecue A/V. It allows us to create the atmosphere that supports and strengthens your brand. Great lighting is a combination of conceptual visualization and creative expression. Creating the right mood and atmosphere is an art that few have mastered  Eyecue A/V is one of those few.


Eyecue A/V uses only the best of the best. You may not be familiar with the names of various equipment manufacturers.  We are.  We partner with leaders in the industry, such as Barco, Christie, FOR-A, Evertz, Tektronix, Grass Valley, AJA, Sony, L’Acoustics, Yamaha, Shure and AKG.


If we had to choose one quality, out of the many that set us apart from the competition, Project Management would be it.  Our management system is the fundamental core of all our services.  The Eyecue A/V process is a precise system, ensuring that your event runs smoothly.  From the pre-planning stages to the implementation, and the final post review, our team is there for you.  We always provide a single point of contact, a producer dedicated to the process and to the success of your event.

“Trent is a true professional and seasoned production guru.  He and his company bring value, expertise, and creativity to live events.  I have worked with Trent for the past few years and I highly recommend him for all audio visual and production needs.”  

Abbey Herman   Director, Corporate Events   YP